Financial Summary

What does your money do at the Bartell?

When you purchase a ticket to a show produced by our Participating Theatre Companies (Strollers Theater, Mercury Players Theatre, StageQ or Madison Theatre Guild,) your ticket price goes directly to support that production company.

The Bartell Theatre Foundation charges rent to our Participating Theatre Companies (PTCs) and provides a 20% discount to our PTCs compared to other, outside renters.

What does it cost?

  • Lamps for theatrical lighting cost $12-$17 for each lamp

  • A single roof leak costs $200-$500 to repair
  • A visit from the elevator repair service costs $400 or more
  • Our HVAC service contract costs $430/month
  • Electricity bills are between $1200 and $2200/month

Annual income (3yr avg)

  • $77,000: Rent of the theatre spaces to PTCs and others
  • $27,000: Donations (YOU!)
  • $17,000: Sales of concessions, wine & beer (net)
  • $7,000: Fundraiser events
  • $1,000: Capital grants

Annual Expenses (3yr avg)

  • $107,000: Theater facility maintenance, utilities, taxes
  • $38,000: Personnel costs
  • $10,000: Services, including janitorial and accounting
  • $6,000: Marketing and development, including advertising subsidies to PTCs

Our funding from private foundations is dropping, and we are dipping into our reserve funds to fill the budgetary gap.  Become a FRIEND OF THE BARTELL, sponsor the Bartell Theatre Awards, or donate what you can.  Keep the Bartell going strong for years to come!