Drury Stage

Evjue Stage

On Golden Pond

September 19 - October 11, 2014

Produced by Strollers Theatre

Tickets $15-20 Purchase Online Here

  • Friday, September 19, 8:00pm
  • Saturday, September 20, 8:00pm
  • Sunday, September 21, 2:00pm
  • Thursday, September 25, 7:30pm
  • Friday, September 26, 8:00pm
  • Saturday, September 27, 8:00pm
  • Wednesday, October 1, 7:30pm
  • Thursday, October 2, 7:30pm
  • Friday, October 3, 8:00pm
  • Saturday, October 4, 8:00pm
  • Thursday, October 9, 7:30pm
  • Friday, October 10, 8:00pm
  • Saturday, October 11, 2:00pm

Written by Ernest Thompson

Directed by Christopher Younggren

- a Co-Production with Silver Stages

On Golden Pond focuses on aging couple Ethel and Norman Thayer, who spend each summer at their home on a lake called Golden Pond. During the year the story takes place, they are visited by daughter Chelsea with her fiancé and his son in law. The play explores the often turbulent relationship the young woman shared with her father growing up, and the difficulties faced by a couple in the twilight years of a long marriage.

Yankee Dawg You Die!

September 27 - October 11, 2014

Produced by Madison Theatre Guild

Tickets $20 Purchase Online Here

  • Friday, September 26, 7:30 pm
  • Saturday, September 27, 7:30 pm
  • Thursday, October 2, 7:30 pm
  • Friday, October 3, 7:30 pm
  • Saturday, October 4, 7:30 pm
  • Sunday, October 5, 2:00 pm
  • Thursday, October 9, 7:30 pm
  • Friday, October 10, 7:30 pm
  • Saturday, October 11, 7:30 pm

“Yankee dawg you die” is a line Vincent Chang, an Asian-American actor who came of age during WWII, often had to say playing the role of evil “Jap” soldier. Bradley Yamashita, a young Asian-American actor getting his start in the 1980s, thinks taking such roles is demeaning. Gotanda explores this still timely dilemma affecting actors of all stripes in his comic drama, Yankee Dawg You Die. Spoiler alert: there will be a special guest appearance by Godzilla.

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Drury Stage

Evjue Stage

Naked at Amazo

October 23-25

Produced by Amaz(ing) Players Company

Tickets $20 Purchase Online Here

  • Thursday, October 23, 7:30pm
  • Friday, October 24, 7:30pm
  • Saturday, October 25, 1:30pm

Written by Bill Stokes

Directed by Sarah Stokes

“Naked at Amazo” is a two-act comedy about a rural, midwest community’s reaction to a popular river beach being taken over by nudists. It deals with the various points of view that emerge as the nudists become more numerous and their presence attracts those whose behavior goes beyond simple nudity.

The play presents both sides, pro and con nudism, as the local people are intrigued, but generally alarmed as their beloved beach is no longer able to be used for “normal” recreation.

A developed cast of colorful, strong, and opinionated characters create laughable dialogue that propels the action through tough and slightly serious subject matter.

Although loosely based on the real clothing-optional, or nude beach in Mazomanie, Mazo Beach, it must be stressed that all characters, locations, and events are completely fictional.

The play is rated PG-13 as there is NO NUDITY, but mild swearing and adult centered material.

The Baltimore Waltz

October 17 - November 1, 2014

Produced by Strollers Theatre

Tickets $15-20 Purchase Online Here

  • Friday, October 17, 7:30 pm
  • Saturday, October 18, 7:30 pm
  • Sunday, October 19, 2:00 pm
  • Wednesday, October 22, 7:30 pm
  • Thursday, October 23, 7:30 pm
  • Friday, October 24, 8:00 pm
  • Saturday, October 25, 8:00 pm
  • Thursday, October 30, 7:30 pm
  • Friday, October 31, 8:00 pm
  • Saturday, November 1, 2:00 pm

by Paula Vogel, Directed by John Cooper

A Co-Production with Turtle Shell Productions

In this comedic satire by Pulitzer Prize winner Paula Vogel, we follow Anna and her brother Carl on a European expedition. They strike out in search of adventure, hedonistic pleasure and the cure for her terminal illness, the fictitious ATD, Acquired Toilet Disease (The playwrights metaphor for HIV).

A fantastical odyssey of the mind, with humor and heart, that suspends the apocalyptic catastrophe of losing a family member -- a journey that celebrates life, art, sexuality, and the love of family. An Obie Award winning play..


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